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Crop Yield Assessment

Digital Tool For Yield Forecasting

Predicting yields prior to harvest is critical for farming, speculation, procurement or insurance technology is now available.

False Color Composite

False color composites allow us to visualize the wavelengths that human eye does not see (near the infrared range).

Ground Control Point (GCP)
Fasal Salah Users Input
Ground Control Points (GCPs) are defined as points on the surface of the earth of known location used to geo-reference data.
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
The NDVI is a dimensionless index that describes the difference between visible and near-infrared reflectance of vegetation cover and can be used to estimate the density of green on an area of land
Detailed and accurate historical, real-time and forecast weather information for crop health assessment.
Crop Area Extraction
Crop acreage base is a crop-specific measure equal to the average number of acres planted to a particular program crop for a specified number of years.
Crop Model
Real time crop growth factors and farm pictures that helps to determine yield before harvest

Crop Health Assessment & Crop Yield Estimation

BKC Aggregators has developed a Climate Smart Tool for Crop Yield Forecasting that uses near plant remote sensing with satellite images to determine crop health and likely yield ahead of harvest.

In this paper, we report the results of a project with HDFC and IFPRI, USA , for accurately predicting yields before actual harvest.

Near Surface
Remote Sensing
Crop Health Assessment
Through Satellite Observation
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