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Who We Are

BKC Aggregators is an agriculture technology company focused on using precision agriculture as a pivot to increase farming productivity and predict crop yields in advance of harvest. Entrenched on the ground, we aggregate communities and businesses with the innovative use of our core technologies in crop and weather sciences and analytics. Our business approach allows us to serve farming communities, corporates, and governments. Our award-winning app, FASAL SALAH, is India’s only automated personalized farming advisor with a proven back-end technology that allows us to scale our services for millions.


BKC Aggregators vision is to transform the socio-economic fabric of India by creating farmer-entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide timely and actionable information to each farmer to increase production and incomes, and mitigate risks with real-time yield forecasts.

What We Do

Food Security is a global imperative in the face of climate change. Farmers are directly affected and there is an urgent need for dispensing timely, actionable advice. There is also an urgent need for risk mitigation strategies including yield estimation prior to harvest that is of value to farmers, crop insurance agencies, traders, financial institutions, and governments and policy makers.

BKC Aggregators solution is two pronged: Help farmers optimize yields and income and predict yield in advance of harvest for better positioning in markets and as a digital tool for crop insurance.

Through our app FASAL SALAH, farmers are guided throughout the crop cycle-hyperlocal weather forecasts, how to prepare the field, seed availabilty, where to buy inputs, hire implements, application of fertilizers and pesticides, when to harvest, what to do after harvest, where to sell products and latest techniques of preservation. We are with farmers all the time as FASAL SALAH works as their personal advisor.

A farmer's location, seed variety, and sowing date are ascertained. Then using dynamic weather-based crop modeling, IoT, and automated image processing techniques, their crop is monitored remotely. Dynamic advisories that change with changing weather patterns are available round the clock. Crop pictures are analyzed for remedial measures. FASAL SALAH also provides market trends, prices, news, a buyer-seller inerface and has evolved into a trusted platform for meaningful interactions in the communities it serves. We also predict crop yields, production quality and market intelligence reports. Our technology is scalable to multiple geographies.

Highly Qualified Senior Team


Dr. B. K. Singh

Founder and Chairman

40+ years in international business, agricultural commodities, and meteorology. Founder of BKC WeatherSys and Skymet. Former Advisor, UNDP. Ph. D., Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India.


Dr. Jaya Singh

Co-Founder and Director

25+ years of multidisciplinary experience in science and technology and development. Former faculty at Harvard University, USA. Ph.D. Brown University post-doctoral training at Harvard University.


Dulal Chakraborty

Head, Meteorology

35+ years experience in Met Services and IT as Former Deputy Director General, India Meteorology Department.


Dr. Naveen Kalra

Head, Agriculture

Former Head of Ag Physics Div of IARI, and R&D head at Tata Chemicals. Internationally recognized for contributions to crop modeling.

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